The Company

The best grapes from Mt. Vesuvius National Park and Irpinia are picked and using our ancient traditions they are used to make our DOCG, DOC and IGT wines.  Their aroma and taste are what makes them the gems of the Neapolitan tradition.

The "Forno" winery, was founded in 1940 by Andrea Forno who had a passion and love for his grapes and the magnificent land that surrounded him.  He began his adventure by producing wine using old traditions and selling it to the locals in town.  His traditions and passion were then passed on to his son Francesco and grandsons, Salvatore and Andrea who share the enthusiasm.  

In 1983, the company began distributing their precious wines throughout Italy and northern Europe, where Forno has become a known and sought-after brand.  As the sales grew, so did the company by investing in land and a new production facility in order to maintain the quality that their products are known for.  

Today, Vini Forno wines can be found around the globe as the family continues to propel into the future.